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There is something restless in the human spirit, in my spirit; a wild irresistible desire that seeks to explore and journey. With each experience I have in nature I discover and redefine horizons both outside and inside. My passion exists in these places, in this process, in those experiences.

In my work I am driven by the teachings of the experience. Outside, I feel at home with a natural world ripe with life and beauty. In the natural world exists knowledge, a quiet power of harmonious energy- a perfect spirit.

Each time I go outside and explore our wilderness, I am awestruck and inspired. When I gaze into the ocean along the coast where land and sea meet, or consider the contours of a mountain vista complete with the earth’s sculpted form and flowering life, I am humbled by its peaceful strength and knowledge. When I peer with depth into these places it seems as if I am staring into the face of an old wise sage. A sage whose character lines are formed by the experience of many lifetimes; of millennia. Each place tells a story complete with its own wisdom.

When I am in harmony with the world I am trying to understand, I am open. In places of power, if you allow yourself, you can feel the flowing of its euphoric life source, its eternal wisdom flowing through you; with you. In my work, I am endlessly fascinated by these epiphanies. I am continually driven to understand and document this essence and my relationship with it.

Photography then becomes a very different way of seeing and understanding the world. It documents the melding harmony of life’s elements; the path of light. The photograph becomes a visual tribute to this communion, the culmination of a prayer.

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