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"What a great week! I cannot see how anyone could have shown off the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur as well or with as much panache as Robert has during the expedition. Many of the shooting locations were iconic and with Robert’s fresh point of view seemed new and more special to me. Add to that some “hidden treasure” locations and Robert has created an amazing tour de force of one of the most spectacular locations on earth. This comes from someone who lives and photographs the California central coast all the time. Seeing these familiar places through Robert’s trained eye has given me a new appreciation of the wonders of our beautiful coast and valleys."

Doug Davenport
Monterey, California

* * *

"In very special locations with excellent guidance, Robert shared his years of photographic experience in a way, which allowed one to pursue his own style and pace, while offering techniques and knowledge with a fresh perspective for every level of photographer.Each member of the expedition enjoyed personal attention and excellent service. Every day was filled from early morning to well after sunset with images of beautiful landscapes, and wildlife in their natural habitats. Robert shared some of his favorite and best restaurants in the area and the meals along with the experiences were outstanding. We all shared a comfortable and playful learning atmosphere the entire week. With Robert’s assistance the level of my photographic ability increased and I came home with many professional level images that I will enjoy and share with fiends for a long time to come. I also met a number of fellow photographers who were a joy to be with in sharing the passion of photography while making memories of our adventures together."

John Campbell
Danville, California

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"My recent photographic safari to Africa with Robert Knight and his Earth Expeditions was by far the best "vacation" I have taken. Robert was more than willing to share his photography expertise and he also made sure our experience was complete by having the most knowledgeable local guides accompany us. Once the guides had located our subjects, Robert would then make sure we were in the right place, with the best light, to photograph them. The animals and landscapes were incredibly varied and extraordinarily beautiful. In addition, the tented camps where we stayed were all excellent with a number of amenities, the people were great fun, and the food was wonderful. Simply an unsurpassed experience, I would go again tomorrow!"

Anne Tewksbury
Pebble Beach, California

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