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This second book contains all new images of seascapes from around the world including: the California coast, Hawaiian islands, Caribbean, South Pacific, and Micronesia. Seascapes showcases a diverse range in work from warm sunny turquoise tropical island vistas, to the rugged, surreal beauty of the California coastline. Each photograph is accompanied by new evocative and inspirational writings by many authors of world renown.

Pre-release price:   $ 400
First price increase:   $ 500
Second price increase:   $ 600
Third price increase:   $ 800
Fourth price increase:   $ 1000
Fifth price increase:   $ 1,200
Sixth price increase:   $ 1,500
Seventh price increase:   $ 2,000
Eighth price increase:   $ 3,500
Ninth price increase:   $ 4,000
Tenth price increase:   $ 6,000
Eleventh price increase:   $ 8,000
Current value: $ 10,000

This Limited Edition of 250 books is SOLD OUT but may be available on the secondary market. If you are interested in collecting "Seascapes" at the current value, please contact us.

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