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Robert Salisbury Knight's photography is a visual tribute to the beauty and diversity of life on earth. Gathered from journeys throughout the seven continents, each photograph celebrates the power and grace of the natural world. Whether from an extended mountain trek, underwater or the sky, Knight's photographic work captivates the viewer with authentic and inspiring moments of earth's wildlife and wild places.

Robert Knight's unique photographs have received first place awards in the world's most prestigious international competitions including the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year," hosted by the BBC, "Nature's Best Photography International Awards" and "World in Focus," sponsored by National Geographic, to name a few. His photographic art has been exhibited in the finest museums internationally, including recent exhibits at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

Since 2001, Robert Knight Gallery located in Carmel, California, showcases Knight's fine art photography. The gallery is a visual feast where new releases intertwine with classic work, where the intimate shares space with the epic. Recognized for its excellence, Robert Knight's photographic art can be found in the collections of photography aficionados worldwide.

In addition to his work as a fine art photographer, Knight has published photo essays as both contributing photographer and writer. He has self-published three exceptional oversized portfolio-set coffee table books entitled, "The American Landscape," (2003) "Seascapes," (2004) and "Wildlight" (2012), with more publishing projects on the near horizon.

Knight operates "Earth Expeditions," a travel company leading photographic expeditions worldwide. In spectacular locations, participants have the opportunity to document their experience with the guidance of expert instruction. The company's philosophy: "Celebrate Life. Capture the Moment.™"

Knight is an outdoor enthusiast and believes it is lifeblood to "immerse oneself and experience the natural world fully and actively." He is an advanced paraglider pilot, dive-master, yoga practitioner and daily trail runner. He recently trekked the 230-mile John Muir Trail, and most recently completed an Ironman™ triathlon. Knight is a conservationist and strives to embody the philosophy of healthy, local and sustainable living.

A self-taught photographer, it is clear that Knight has a rare gifted eye for seeing. He has also been described as having "the mind of a philosopher, spirit of an explorer and heart of a poet." His passionate journey is dedicated to celebrating life through his compelling artwork.

Robert Knight makes his home with his family in Carmel, California.


"It is my privilege to share with you my passion for this sanctuary earth we call home. I believe the art of photography lifts the spirit because it honors what is real and beautiful in the world. I hope my photography awakens memories, inspires you to explore, and deepens your appreciation, respect and preservation of this magnificent world of ours."

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