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Nature is the Art of God.

Is there a better Artist in existence?

Photography is an Art. An art form firmly embedded in reality and technology, yet liberated by creativity, interpretation and expression.

Reality is far too grand a concept for the eccentricity of the photographer or singularity of the fine print. Yet at photography’s core exists reality. The truth and the beauty of reality is the authentic talent and greatness of the print.

Photography as an art form exists in its sublime state as a fine print. The photograph itself by its very nature and the physical manifestation of the fine print is an interpretation and expression of reality. As interpretation, the fine print is a time and a place to reintroduce the human element in photography. The print is a place for elevating the image beyond the limited two dimensional technical record of the subject. It is a place to celebrate life, to express how the mind’s imagination sees, how the human spirit feels amidst those moments of eloquent light.

As such it then becomes a unique, expressive interpretation of reality. To see and seek out what is innately beautiful in the world, and in us. The print is not a simple document, but an emotive opportunity through which we can include elements of our love and infatuation for what we are photographing. It is the whispering expression of naked mortal passion in the presence of noble greatness.

Each image is meticulously created in our own lab insuring that each print is an original, and made to the highest standards. The outcome is a fine print that has depth, a vibrant rich color palette, edge to edge sharpness with ultimate focus on the quality of light. Each fine print is signed by the artist and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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